Doomsayer Aggressive


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The end of the day is upon us. The nothing is barreling down on life as we know it and we stand in its path powerless. Only but a stitch in time ago, one might have trundled on down Macarthur Park Way and copped a crispy new set of identificiation, to include but limted to, a birth certificate, drivers license in the state of your choosing and social security card. Perhaps, even a passport so that one might slip away to a foreign land that carried a light to non-existent hand in matters of extradition.
This my dear tobaccophiles, is not longer an option. In light of this certain and final DOOM, I do not offer any solutions nor salvation. I offer you escapism in the form of a value premium cigar. Place gingerly into your suck-hole ignite and consume. Allow yourself to drift away from the looming clouds of nothingness and psychologically emancipate yourself, at least for a moment.. for a price that is more than tangible. You’re welcome!

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