Humidour TOP 4 Countdown Deals!

STARTS: Mon, Jan 31st
ENDS: Mon, Feb 28th
The Humdiour Top 4 Cigar Deal Countdown

Sure, you’ve seen other top cigar countdown lists, but not like this… because when the Humidour Top 4 cigar countdown is revealed, the real winner is you!

We’ll be doing video reviews of the best four cigars released in 2021. When we release the selected cigar, the entire line will be discounted 20% for a week (until the next cigar is released). This includes singles and boxes.

Stay tuned to our email, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter to see the big reveal on the following days: 

  • #4 – January 31st
  • #3 – February 7th
  • #2 – February 14th
  • #1 – February 21st
#HumidourTop4 Countdown Deals