CAO, Macanudo, Cohiba, Sancho Panza Cigars March Deals

STARTS: Wed, Mar 1st
ENDS: Fri, Mar 31st

All March long, we’re featuring deals on CAO, Macanudo, Cohiba and Sancho Panza cigars!

Humidour for the WIN March 2023 SOLO Pi Pizza Oven

Purchase 5 CAO, Macanudo, Cohiba, or Sancho Panza cigars and receive:

  • 1 free cigar, and
  • 1 raffle ticket.

Purchase 10 cigars and receive:

  • 3 free cigars, and
  • 3 raffle tickets.

Purchase 20+ cigars and receive:

  • Your choice of a SWAG item,
  • 5 free cigars, and
  • 10 raffle tickets.

You could WIN this SOLO Pi Pizza oven! “Demi-dome construction and panoramic opening makes maneuvering, launching pizzas, and fueling your fire as simple as setting the table!”

Plus mark your calendars to stop by on Friday, March 17th from 3 to 8 pm to meet up with one of the best, Brandon!

Memories from our Macanudo Inspirado tasting event.