Our Shoppe is OPEN; Lounges closing by Baltimore County, MD Order

STARTS: Thu, Dec 17th
ENDS: Sun, Jan 31st

By order of Balitmore County, Maryland (details in box below) we are required to shut down our smoking lounges as of 5 PM on December 17, 2020. Our shoppe, humidour, and online store will remain OPEN and lockers will remain accessible to Club Ashton members.

We deeply appreciate your continued support during these trying times. Please contact Finnie Helmuth at finnie@humidour.com if you have further questions.

With thanks,
Jim and Marilyn Pecunes
Chris, Finnie, and Carmella Helmuth

“For cigar and hookah lounges, smoking sections are hereby closed. Food and beverages shall not be served or consumed on the premises of any cigar or hookah lounge. Retail sections at cigar and hookah lounges may remain open, and are subject to the same requirements as Retail Establishments, as that term is defined in Baltimore County Executive Order 2020-023. Face coverings shall be worn by staff, employees and customers at all times so that the face covering fully covers the nose and mouth and is secured to the head.”

This Baltimore County, Maryland order was released December 17, 2020 and shall be in effect at 5 PM the same day.
Plans Change - Family Remains